4 Benefits of Microchip Cat Flaps

As a pet parent you may be familiar with cases of unwanted animals entering homes through cat flaps. It is not uncommon to have strange visitors at home when a cat flap is freely available for entry and exit. Some of the scariest stories admitted by cat owners are rogue furry creatures invading their homes, spraying in every nook and corner, attacking their pets, tearing things to shreds, scratching furniture, and other acts of destruction.

While materialistic things are replaceable, the same cannot be said about your fur babies at home. If your fur baby is a victim of an unfamiliar critter’s gruesome attack, it most likely will need medical assistance to recover. Cat insurance can help provide your cat with timely medical care at affordable costs in times like these and many more.

The best pet insurance covers your cat for accidental injuries, specific illnesses, dental, and other unanticipated medical conditions. Consider buying pet insurance to manage unplanned vet bills more effectively. Meanwhile, read this article to learn some benefits of microchip cat flaps.

1.Prevents strays from entering home

Microchip cat flaps have a built-in scanner that reads the microchips of animals passing through the flaps. The flap allows entry or exit only to those animals whose microchip details are stored in it. If you have many pets, you can conveniently program the flap to scan and permit your fur homies.

2.Helps control exit timing

Microchip cat flaps offer you complete control over when your fur babies are permitted to go out of the home through the cat door. You can pre-set the times to add a routine and consistency to your furry friend’s activities.

3.Access remotely from smart devices

If you  you are at work or any other place away from home, it’s pouring heavily outside, or there is a weather alert about a thunderstorm or fireworks have begun, and you want to protect your cat; you can remotely access the cat flap through an app and lock it in no time. This way, your cat stays locked inside the home.

4.Monitoring your cat’s activity

The microchip cat flap linked to the app can give insights into your cat’s activities. The app gives you information on the number of times your fur baby has left home and returned. Over time you will know how often your cat will go out and return on a typical day. Any unusual behavior like not going out at all or going out and returning after long hours can be concerning.

Many microchip cat flaps available in the market are durable, claw-proof, powered by batteries, have indicator lights to alert you about the battery running low, have an average lifespan of a year, and can be easily installed on doors, windows, and walls.

Plus, even if your cat loses its collar somewhere outside, it can still enter your home with little hassles. Focus on your cat’s indoor safety simultaneously, and don’t ignore the outdoor risks your fur baby has to confront during your absence. It is one reason why you must be prepared with the best pet insurance.

Cat insurance can help provide your feline pet top-notch healthcare at manageable costs. Consider buying a pet policy, so providing your cat basic medical help during unexpected health scenarios need not be a huge financial struggle.

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