Achieving Victory in Seven Knights: Essential Techniques for Triumph

Netmarble’s Seven Knights Android RPG, which was released on October 14th, 2015, has been captivating millions of players with its characters. To assist people in navigating this game, this guide has assembled advice from the top players, developers, and official sources. All the secrets and strategies included will benefit players of all levels, from newbies to veterans, and guarantee success in their journeys.

Constructing a Powerful Team

Achieving success in Seven Knights necessitates forming a team of strong heroes. Utilize the ones initially provided to you, but when you acquire 5/6-star heroes, be wise and strategic. Level 1/2-star heroes can be used to feed your higher-star heroes, and combine 3-star heroes and above. Moreover, selling level 30 characters for gold is a good idea. The ultimate aim is to bring together 3/4/5-star heroes you get in the game. Concentrating on constructing a team of 6-star heroes will enable you to unlock their full potential and gain a notable edge.

Achieving greater success with your heroes is something that can be done by taking them to the next level.

To succeed in Seven Knights, it’s essential to level up all heroes, including the 1/2-star ones. Doing this rewards you with 5 rubies for each hero that reaches level 30. This is a great way to obtain rubies without spending money, and your hero collection will become even more powerful with each leveled up hero.

Strategies for Cultivating Ruby

Netmarble has opened the door for free players of Seven Knights to acquire rubies. When a hero reaches level 30, it will grant you 5 rubies initially and 2 rubies each time after that. To get the most out of your ruby farming venture, build a team with heroes that have effective AoE abilities. Specific heroes such as Velika, Jave, Eileen, Dellons, Spike, Kris, Ruri, Yuri, Ariel, and May are particularly useful for this purpose. Not only will farming rubies make your team stronger, but it will also reward you with a valuable in-game currency.

Achieving Victory in Storming a Castle

To be successful in Seven Knights’ Castle Siege mode, the best team composition is 1-4, with your strongest attacker in the backline. It is beneficial to have 1-2 AoE units, characters that can reduce enemies’ abilities, and a support hero with healing or revival powers. It is important to focus on damage reduction to last through the tense battles and get a better score.

Gaining rank-up materials, as well as strengthening your heroes, can be achieved through tackling the daily dungeons. Every day has an element that is targeted, allowing you to amass the components for advancement. Moreover, the Celestial Tower is great for obtaining rewards like gold, items, and even fresh heroes. For the best results, make sure to do these activities on a regular basis to make your team stronger.

Gaining Prizes Through Raiding

In Seven Knights, Raids give players the chance to confront strong opponents and gain worthwhile rewards. The Dragon, also known as Destroyer Gaze, can be accessed after completing an adventure stage and stays active for three hours before vanishing. Up to 20 people, including friends, can join forces to fight the Dragon, and by collaborating with their allies and doing major damage, they can reap the benefits of their Raid.

Achieving Advancement Through Daily Tasks

It is pivotal for Seven Knights players to attend to their daily quests if they want to move forward in the game. Logging in often and completing the daily tasks earns rewards and puts one on the right path for the weekly and monthly quests. These missions usually involve things like combat in the Celestial Tower, entering the Daily Dungeon, Castle Rush, purchasing objects, and making your heroes stronger. Taking these quests on promptly will ensure more awards and steady progression.

Gaining A Larger Social Circle

Growing your connections is an important part of developing professionally and personally. Making an effort to meet new people and build relationships can have a positive influence on your life. It is possible to create and nurture a larger network by taking steps to expand your existing circle of contacts.

Seven Knights offers benefits to players who build a strong network of friends. Acquiring more Honor Points can be done by having more friends, and these Points can be used to purchase keys. These keys are incredibly useful for various activities, such as adventure mode, powering up your team, and getting more items. Therefore, it is recommended that players take advantage of this feature to maximize their overall gaming experience.

The End Result

Progressing in Seven Knights requires a blend of strategic team-building, prudent resource management, and expert execution during combat. With these essential tactics and tips, gamers can progress through the game with confidence and acquire impressive success. Naturally, success in Seven Knights is not just about referring to the guides; practice makes perfect. Redfinger, an Android emulator, can save a lot of time when playing Seven Knights on it.

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