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If you’re a fan of classic films, Crackle is worth checking out. Some of the classics on the service include Training Day, Talladega Nights, Midnight Run, and The Quick and the Dead. You can even watch indie classics on Crackle, which mixes genres and styles. However, if you prefer action and comedies, you may want to stick with Amazon Prime Video. As of June 28, 2018, Crackle will cease operations in Canada.

The user interface on Crackle is straightforward and similar to that of Netflix for Android. The home screen displays featured content and main navigation buttons. These buttons lead to Movies, Shows, and personal Watchlist. Most content is laid out in tiled thumbnails, but you can also switch to a basic list view to navigate through the collection. The app is also designed for speed, so it’s easy to find and watch movies that aren’t available elsewhere.

When using Crackle, users can view movies and television shows curated by Crackle. These categories are called channels, and are organized in a logical manner. These headers aren’t clickable, but you can navigate to individual sections by tapping the tabs on the left side of the home screen. The movie listings are also sortable, but you can’t search for specific titles, actors, or directors. The video player, however, lets you watch movies and TV shows in full-screen mode.

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