Creating T-shirts with T-shirt Printing

Are you tired of the same t-shirts being recycled through from the various manufacturers in shops everywhere? You should know there is no need to feel like you have to settle with what is out there. You can make your own shirts using a t shirt printing Singapore expert so you can be original, market your business, create novelty shirts for your class, or print shirts for any other reason you want to. You can do all that from the comfort of home, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Designing clothing can be a fun process and all you need is some imagination, to know what printing method you want to use and to use the right software! Below focuses on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop though there are others.

Types of T-shirt printing

Three main types of tshirt printing are heat transfers, digital and screen printing. Heat transfers are good and affordable, you have the image on a special piece of paper and then apply heat to transfer that image to the shirt. But the problem is the design does not always transfer well, it can blur and it is not best for images with a lot of detail. You will also notice it cracking after just a few washes. Digital solves the problem of detail, it is very good at that, and at multiple colours being used. It is the most modern option though works better on white shirts.

Screen printing is the popular choice among t-shirt printers still today even though it has been around for hundreds of years and there are more modern techniques. You have to use one screen per colour so less than a handful of colours saves money otherwise it is a long setup process. Ink presses through the screen and is applied to the shirt or garment. It is the best choice for mass production which is why a lot of t shirt printing Singapore companies offer discounts on larger orders.

Designing for silk screen printing

When you are designing an image to be printed using screen t-shirt printing you need to use vector graphics. This means using a vector imaging program that includes Adobe Illustrator. Some designers though prefer to use Adobe Photoshop rather than Illustrator but that is raster imaging, not vector. There is something you can do to get around this thankfully. Design the graphic or image for your shirt in Photoshop using a very high resolution, then flatten it, and copy and past it to Illustrator. Then use the tool Trace to convert it from raster to vector. You can then separate the colours and save it into a vector format.

Bonus designing tips

  1. Make sure when designing in Photoshop that you stick to a few colours and do not have gradients or shading in the design.
  2. When starting the canvas in Photoshop fill the background colour first with the colour the t-shirt is going to be.
  3. When you use the tool Trace in Illustrator you need to set the number of colours to how many are in the design plus the colour of the background. When you have converted the design to vector you can then remove the background colour.

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