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Education Week is a trusted source for K-12 education news, with a readership of 1.6 million. Published every month by the American Society for Curriculum Development (ASCD), the magazine has a website with over 100,000 views a week. The magazine’s articles cover a wide range of topics, from progressive education to education reform to the ever-changing landscape of education.

Articles published in EdWeek

Education Week is an independent news organization that covers K-12 education. Founded in 1981, the publication is owned by Editorial Projects in Education, a nonprofit organization based in Greater Washington, DC. Among the goals of the publication is to empower educators through accurate reporting.

The publication publishes many must-read titles about education research and policy. In addition, the Authors Corner blog features articles by Education Week authors. While the blog is no longer updated, these articles provide an insight into a variety of subjects and state issues starmusiq. For instance, futurist Gary Marx discusses how education trends will affect schools and educators in the future. He argues that the growth mindset approach is working for teachers and students.

Another excellent source of education news and information is the Hechinger Report. Published by Teachers College at Columbia University, this nonprofit news source features stories about education, inequality, and innovations. Additionally, the Chronicle of Higher Education covers topics in higher education sakura188slot. Its mission is to provide a thorough and timely analysis of issues and trends in higher education.

Another research-oriented news outlet, The Washington Post, cites governmental and advocacy-oriented research. It is not uncommon to find articles about autism, school policies, and youth suicide. Education Week also includes news and information articles that focus on school safety and public health.

People on the Move in K-12 education

Student mobility, often referred to as “churn,” is a major problem in schools. This high turnover in schools is not only disruptive for the students who leave, but it can also be harmful for the ones who remain. A study by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement found that schools with high mobility had lower achievement scores, higher rates of students with disabilities, and fewer gifted students. Chester Hartman, research director at the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, has also noted that some high-poverty urban schools can have over 50 percent student turnover in a single year.

Many studies have found that students who change schools multiple times are less engaged in school and have a higher risk of dropping out. These results suggest that school-based interventions may be ineffective in addressing student mobility oyo99slot. Several school leaders are experimenting with multipronged approaches to address the problem. One approach is the creation of “one-stop shops” that provide students with resources for adult education, housing, and job placement.

Education technology news and information

The influx of new edtech tools is revolutionizing the classroom. From gamified classroom activities to virtual reality lessons, technology is changing the way that students learn. New innovations include edtech robots and IoT devices. These tools can help teachers collaborate and engage students virtually, and can even help teachers hold students accountable.

There are many sites that offer education technology news. A great place to start is eSchool News. It has the most recent news and commentary on educational technology. Another great resource is ISTE U. This website features free online courses and workshops. It also has a discussion forum and awards eligibility cuan77. The online community of passionate education professionals provides many valuable resources for online teaching.

One EdTech company whose goal is to support teachers and students, zSpace, Inc., introduced new AR/VR learning gear in January 2022. The gear will enable students to engage with multi-layered content in a virtual world without needing to wear glasses. Blockchain technology is another exciting development that is making its way into education. It helps educators and end-users secure student records and make data-driven decisions.

The Government of Nepal is currently implementing the second phase of MSNP, involving a range of stakeholders and sectors mbo99. However, there are still challenges, including a lack of knowledge sharing and local infrastructure.


Education technology news and information covers a wide range of topics. This includes new hardware and software releases, funding updates, research reports, and district tech initiatives. News is also provided about important policy issues. For example, the Department of Education recently announced that it is looking for new digital tools to support adult learners.

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