Gather Raises $26 Million in Series A Funding Round Led by Sequoia Capital

Gather Technologies, a startup that provides atozmp3  software for restaurants to manage and track their inventory, has raised $26 million in a series A funding round led by Sequoia Capital. The funding will be used to further develop the company’s technology and expand its team.

Founded in 2017 by Cem Kozinoglu and Arda Haliloglu, Gather helps restaurants optimize their inventory management by providing real-time analytics and automating the ordering process. The software integrates with a restaurant’s point-of-sale system and supplier network to automatically generate orders based on actual usage data. This helps restaurants toonily reduce waste, lower costs, and improve efficiency.

Gather’s technology is particularly relevant in the current climate, as the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With many restaurants struggling to stay afloat, optimizing inventory management and reducing costs has become more important than ever.

According to Gather CEO and co-founder Cem Kozinoglu, the funding will allow the company to expand its team and further develop its technology to better serve its customers. “We want to create a world where restaurants never run out of what they need, and where food waste is a thing of the past,” Kozinoglu said in a statement.

The funding round was also masstamilanfree  participated in by existing investors such as Local Globe, and new investors including Talis Capital and Point Nine. The company has raised a total of $32 toonily million to date, including a seed round led by Local Globe in 2019.

Gather has already gained traction in the market, with over 1,000 restaurants currently using its software. The company plans to use the new funding to expand its customer base and reach more restaurants across the United States and Europe.

The startup is also planning to introduce new features to its platform, such as integrations with more point-of-sale systems and advanced reporting and analytics tools. The company’s ultimate goal is to become the go-to solution for restaurant inventory management.

Sequoia Capital partner Pat masstamilan Grady praised Gather’s team and technology in a statement, saying, “We believe that Gather has the potential to revolutionize the way that restaurants manage their inventory, and we are excited to support them as they continue to grow and scale their business.”

Overall, Gather’s latest funding round is a justprintcard testament to the company’s potential and the importance of inventory management in the restaurant industry. As the industry continues to face challenges, technology solutions like Gather’s will likely become more essential than ever for restaurants looking to survive and thrive in the current environment.

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