How to Travel From India to the UK

During the recent unrest in India, it has become difficult to find cheap flight tickets to the UK. There is an air travel ban in place between India and the UK, but this has been lifted after 3.5 months. The UK is a busy destination for Indian students, and the demand for tickets is high. British Airways provides information on how to travel from the UK to the UK, and offers some helpful travel advice. Despite the heightened demand, however, the ban has limited the number of flights.

The Indian government has a strict protocol for travellers, which includes a self-declaration form and an RT-PCR test for Covid. In addition, those with any symptoms of the disease must complete a special healthcare screening, which involves getting a Covid test. While the UK has no specific ban on direct flights, the Covid restrictions will remain until they are lifted. This is a serious issue for UK citizens, and it is highly recommended that travellers be aware of them before traveling.

Final Touch

Visitors to the UK from India need to get special permission from the local embassy or mission before entering. The Indian High Commission in London is one such embassy. Failure to obtain special permission could result in them being refused entry and having to return home. The costs of the trip are not very expensive, but they should be budgeted accordingly. If you plan to stay in the UK for more than two months, you should also consider obtaining a travel insurance plan before you leave.

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