Recognizing The Signs of A Wasp Nest At Your Property

Wasps are those insects that are beneficial for the ecosystem. But during the wasp season, these tiny creatures pose danger to your house. You will always find a high volume of wasps in your home or garden with their nest made somewhere nearby. A matured nest in summer can have thousands of wasps in it.

It is very important to get rid of this wasp nest as early as possible to reduce the threat from them. It is said that being stung by a wasp or a bee is often painful and sometimes can be life-threatening too (if you are allergic to bee stings). Most of these insects like wasps always create their nests in places like around the deck, the eaves of your house, attics or lofts, etc.

You shouldn’t disturb the wasp nest on your own, especially if you are allergic to these wasp stings. This is because disturbing a nest will always provoke the wasps to attack you resulting in stings that they will use as their defence. You can take the help of a qualified professional for wasp nest removal Manchester. They provide services to remove the nest and protect you from painful stings. You can contact Pest Control Manchester which is in this service for last 30 years.

How do you identify a wasp nest?

A wasp nest is made of saliva and chewed wood pulp, which gives them characteristically papery walls. They are habitually built in sheltered places where it is easy to go outside. If you want to locate a wasp nest, you can follow a returning worker wasp that comes back to your property. This is usually at its peak during the summer season when the number of wasps multiplies.

A wasp net can start off being a small golf ball at first, but later it can become a good big size, if it is left untouched, as the number of workers increases. A typical wasp may look like a papery grey ball with a large entry hole for these wasps to enter or go.

What are the important facts about wasps?

Only a female wasp has a sting which they can use repeatedly if they feel they are under some threat. A sting can cause not much harm, but can be painful. But many times it can be life-threatening if allergic to stings.

A worker wasp can live up to 22 days, but a queen could live for a year. As wasps are very social creatures, their main purpose in life is mating. If any of the wasps whether male or female do not mate then they will die off eventually.

Ways to prevent wasps building a nest

There are very few steps that you could take to avoid the wasps from building a nest:

  • Have regular maintenance to ensure all the cracks or openings are well sealed
  • Make use of fly screens on the doors and windows to prevent them from entering your property
  • Any of your external dustbins should be well covered to avoid these wasps feeding themselves on these food scraps
  • Purchase wasp traps from a local store

Lastly, the best option is the pest control system.

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