Sliding Screen Door: the Easier Way to Get In and Out of Your Home

The traditional sliding screen door has long been an easy way to enjoy a light breeze during summer months while keeping pesky bugs out of your home. However, these heavy duty screen doors can be expensive, difficult to install, and loud as your children constantly slam them closed as they run out into the yard.

What if there was a better and more economic solution?

A magnetic screen door allows you to experience your summer months with greater ease. It’s quick to install and easy to use; it’ll instantly make your backyard an extension of your home.


Traditional sliding screen doors are expensive. They could cost anywhere from $100-500! That’s not even including the money you may have to spend on tools or other equipment.

By choosing a magnetic screen door you could save hundreds of dollars. For about $20 you can find a solution to keeping pests out of your home while still enjoying your backyard all summer long.


Installing a new sliding screen door can be extremely tedious. You have to take measurements, get out the power tools, and spend hours doing manual labor. This project may even be a little too complicated to take on yourself, meaning you’ll have to spend even more money hiring a contractor.

Magnetic screen doors literally install in minutes:

  1. Simply clean off the surface of your door frame
  2. Lay the screen flat and make sure the magnets are aligned shut
  3. Hold up to the doorway, if resizing is needed refer to the instruction manual
  4. Use the hook and loop tape or thumbtacks and secure the door frame

BOOM! It’s actually that easy to install! No need to waste long hours or invest in a contractor. Just pop this in the doorway to keep the pests out while you easily access your beautiful yard.

Easy Access

Traditional sliding screen doors can be a serious pain. The lock function always seems to be stuck. Just to get outside into the yard you have to shake and fiddle with it until it opens. Then there is the issue of having to slide it open and closed. When your kids are busy running in and out the house they tend to slam it. Not only is the sound annoying but when the door bounces off the edge it leaves a crack open, letting flies and mosquitos into your home.

The magnetic screen doors’ easy to use magnet closure solves all these problems. Go in and out of your house with ease. No more struggling with stuck locks or slamming sounds. Instead, you can pass through hands free.Your kids can easily run from the living room into the yard. The magnetic screen’s heavy duty closure will self seal behind them keeping bugs outside where they belong.

It makes bringing items out to grill in the backyard a breeze. With traditional screen doors you have to do the awkward foot shimmy to get the door open when your hands are full, or wait for someone to come rescue you and let you outside. When you can easily pass through the magnetic screen door with a tray full of burgers and franks you’ll be able to host backyard barbecues without all the stress.

Perfect for Pets

Unlike traditional sliding screen doors these magnetic screen doors are pet approved. Your dog can easily get outside on its own. No longer will he or she be pawing at the screen or barking for you to let them out. They can just walk through the magnetic seal all on their own.

The magnetic screen is perfect for families with a secure, fenced in yard. This way your dogs can run outside and play or do their business without needing you to let them out. You’ll find having easy access to the outdoors improves your pet’s mood and allows them to burn off more energy without your constant attention.

Heavy Duty

Although a magnetic screen door is a more cost effective option you are not sacrificing quality. These screens are made from heavy duty mesh with a higher thread count than many competitors. The reinforced edges have been tested to stand the test of time. No need to remove these at the end of the summer season.

These magnetic screens are completely weather resistant and will last you for years to come. Leave your doors open during a rainstorm! The screen will keep the elements out while you enjoy the fresh scent of a summer storm.

If it’s this affordable to install an easy to use magnetic screen door what do you have to lose? The reviews speak for themselves. Many happy customers confirm that it has improved the ease with which they access their backyard.

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