Some Advantages Of 4 Types Of Electric Fireplaces

Exactly why choose an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and ease they provide they’re easy to install and do not present the same challenging installation problems wood or fuel units impose. Electric-powered units offer cost benefits in lieu of running a fuel line or repairing an outdated solid wood-burning unit and merely plugging into an ordinary 110-volt residence outlet. Many systems feature a built-in heater performing up to several, 000 BTU, even though the flexible design options allow for several different installation opportunities.

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Fireplace choices

Wall membrane Mount Electric Fireplaces

Wall-mount electric fireplaces are easy to install simply hang the unit over a wall membrane or build it in for a low-profile integration. These types of units plug into a standard household 128-volt outlet and are usually heated. When incorporated, the recessed finish will still protrude a few inches if you want to account for heat that will be vented up or down to let the heat through. These systems come in many different sizes and additional features are common. You will often find options such as backlit LED lighting, remote control operation, and different color and advertising options.

Best parts

  • Can easily be hung up on the wall, some built-in
  • Major units feature backlit LED lighting for exhibit
  • Various hearth media options and color options are available for custom appearances
  • Plugs into a standard 110-watt electrical outlet – no venting necessary
  • Can be used with or without heater for calendar year-round fun
  • Nearly all units feature varied flame intensities with remote control functioning

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Built-in electric fireplaces offer the minimum profile mounting options for a soft integration into existing space. Built-in systems are great for new construction or renovating old areas as they are easy to install and they generally only require standard 2″ x 4″ framing with extended depth to fit the fireplace.

  • These types of units plug into a regular 110-watt outlet and some of them may even include a water heater that vents through the face area of the fireplace.
  • Illustrates
  • Reduced profile design, certain models allow a whole flush mount
  • Perfect for condos, apartments, and new construction
  • Connects into standard one hundred ten volt electrical wall plug – no airflow necessary
  • Various fireplace media options and color options are around for custom appearances
  • Can be utilized with or without a water heater for year circular enjoyment
  • Most devices feature variable fire intensities with distant control operation

Electric Fireplace Inserts

Created to slide right into a preexisting space or fireplace opening, electric inserts provide an economical solution to the traditional gas or wood fireplace. These types of connectors plug into a regular 110-volt outlet and most come with a heat reservoir.

These electric fireplace inserts offer more depth than one other electric unit if you want to fill most of the existing place in your beginning, and they offer included or recommended trim kits to provide a soft integration.


  • Floods existing masonry or opening to replace outdated fireplace
  • Ear canal into the standard 128-volt electrical shop – no airflow necessary
  • Can be used with or without the heater for year-round fun
  • Various fire advertising options and color options are available for custom performances
  • Most units feature variable flame features with push-button control functioning
  • Many include or have optional lean pieces available for seamless the usage

TV Stand/Mantel Electric Fireplaces

To give the look of a traditional fireplace product, electric fireplaces with distinct mantles are the most suitable option to give the look of a classic open fireplace with surroundings. With no assembly requirements and a simple 110-watt outlet, these systems are easy to use. These fireplaces are particularly suitable for places where the airflow of an open wood/gas fireplace is not possible. Realistic flame reports usually give the look and charm of a regular unit without all the hype.

  • Provides traditional open fireplace and mantel appearance
  • Standalone cabinets are great as TELEVISION SET stands or as a focal point
  • Plugs into a standard 110-volt electrical power outlet – no venting necessary
  • Several fire media options and color options are around for custom appearances
  • Nearly all units feature varied flame intensities with remote control functioning


Hopefully, now you understand which fireplace is perfect for your home. If you have any confusion about buying a fireplace, you can read the fireplace buying guide. After reading this guide you will fully understand, how to choose a perfect fireplace and which will give you the best service.

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