The Role of a Lawyer Advocate

A lawyer advocate has a great deal of experience in legal matters. Their primary job is to represent their client in courtrooms, pleading their case on behalf of their client. They should always try to win the best verdict possible for their clients. An advocate will also answer questions from the opposing party, such as those regarding a lawsuit. A lawyer will not act as an advocate in court. Instead, the role of an advocate is to advise and represent a client.

Often, the role of an advocate differs from that of a lawyer. A lawyer may represent a client in court. He may be a legal advisor or an advocate. An advocate may not practice law. A legal advocate does not practice law, but is an advocate, so he can speak on behalf of a client. He can help a person avoid a jail term or win compensation by making a case on their behalf.

Last Line

Advocates are typically not entitled to be sued, but the majority of them do, and it is not unusual for an advocate to act in the public interest. For example, a Harvard Law School student can represent a low-income tenant in a legal dispute with a landlord. Another common role of an advocate is to help low-income individuals who are facing eviction or subsidy termination. Other advocates will help a person who has been wrongfully accused prove their innocence, and some advocates will become celebrity advocates.

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