The Worst Mistakes Of Teen Drivers 

Teen drivers have proven to be reckless and negligent over time. Due to this, the accidents involving teen drivers are pretty brutal and sometimes even fatal. Every year thousands of teens lose their life because of their or someone else’s driving mistake. 

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No parent would want their children to end up even in minor accidents. A parent will always want to ensure their child’s safety. 

However, some teenagers do have the concept of responsible driving. So these children must be taught the importance of correct driving. 

 Being in a car accident because of a new driver can be challenging and cause severe injuries. In such situations, seek medical help and immediately contact car accident lawyer Salem OR to see what can be done about the claim and compensation.

The Worst Mistakes Of Teen Drivers 

  • Speeding

Speeding is a standard driving error in teenagers while driving. While some do it unknowingly and some knowingly, they certainly do not realize the hazardous consequences of speeding. New drivers especially lack control while driving, and if they are speeding over the limit and need to apply an emergency brake, they might end up doing it wrong and causing an accident. 

  • Use of cell phone while driving

Teens have a habit of using their cell phones almost all day long. No matter what they are doing, they tend to use their cell phones wherever they are. As a result, cell phone addiction has become a massive concern in teen car accidents. 

Using a cell phone while driving for talking or texting is inappropriate and is against the law. It can cause distraction from the road and other vehicles surrounding us. Even if you just glance at a message, post, status, etc., it can result in fatal accidents. 

  • Impulsive instincts

Generally, teens have more impulsive behavior that adult due to their fragile age and other changes. This impulsiveness can lead to irrational thinking and breaking traffic rules. 

For example, a teen might not stop at a yellow light and run over the signal instead of going slow and stopping entirely. Sometimes they even go through the red light. 

  • Avoiding wearing a seatbelt

Although you are not violating any law by not wearing a seatbelt, you must wear it for your safety. A seatbelt provides paramount protection during an accident, preventing severe injuries like injuries. 

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