Tips To Prevent Foot Ache Due To Safety Work Boots

Have you ever felt your feet ache after wearing work boots for long hours? Indeed, work boots are designed to provide protection at the workplace. But according to the research, it has been confirmed that 25% to 30% of people get affected due to wearing work boots and facing severe 

foot problems. 

Therefore, it is essential to choose your work boots wisely. Look for the work boots that are perfectly fit for your size, check their insoles and make it confirm for how many hours it is safe to wear work boots? Keeping all these things in mind, choose the most comfortable work boots or do some customization to make your work boots comfortable for you.

Why Must To Wear Safety Work boots?

According to the (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is compulsory for workers to wear work boots at the workplace for safety purposes. It’s the duty of your company to provide safety measures to their employees and look after them. Work boots are a must to wear in hazardous places as it is a requirement of some outdoor workplaces. For example: if you are working at a construction site then it is your job requirement to wear non-slip work boots to save yourself from fall or slip accidents. Or if you are working outdoors in the cold or rainy season then you are obliged by your company or organization to wear insulated waterproof work boots to save your feet from getting wet, keep you dry, provide warmth and make you feel relaxed.

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However, if you didn’t wear work boots and something bad happens at the workplace then you and your company or organization will be responsible due to negligence and your company will be held accountable. Your organization has to give a penalty as well. Therefore, you have to wear work boots at any cost.  

Somehow if it becomes difficult for you to wear work boots as they are causing a lot of foot pain then there must be some reasons behind it. Let’s look for the reason as these reasons will help you to resolve the issue easily

Reasons That Cause Pain In Your Feet

Work boots are designed to be solid and durable so that you can easily move on rugged surfaces. Well,  It’s quite normal for your feet to get hurt if you haven’t taken proper care of them. I’m going to highlight some common reasons

  • If work boots are causing pain then it means they are not perfect for your size.
  • Maybe the quality of work boots is not good.
  • Maybe work boots are too tight and your toes touch with the tip of your boot causing pain in your toes.
  • Obesity is also one of the reasons for foot pain and you become unable to stand for long hours.
  • Maybe work boots are not providing the arch support that is needed.
  • Maybe work boots are not breathable.

Tips To Prevent Discomfort Or Foot Ache

Some tips will surely help you

1. Get The Work Boots That Fits Perfectly

Work boots should be of the right size, not big or small. Before buying, give a trial to boots while wearing socks, walk for a few minutes to make sure your toes are not touching the tip of the boot. It will take some time but it’s worth it. 

2. Look For Breathable and Comfortable Work Boots

Breathable and comfortable boots provide arch support and help relieve foot pressure when you stand or walk for long hours.

3. Try Using Insoles 

Insoles provide great comfort to your feet. You can invest in cushion insoles that will provide support to foot soles and prevent foot hurt. You can order custom made insoles as per your need.

4. Wear the Right Socks

Many compression socks are available in the market, you can buy them or invest in some breathable socks.

5. Dry your boots 

It’s important to dry your boots, otherwise, they can cause injection. You need to air dry them, don’t give them heat. You should invest in the best waterproof work boots, they easily get dry and are breathable enough to wick the moisture out.

6. Keep your boots clean 

It’s important to clean the boots as cleaning helps to maintain breathability. Remove mud with a stiff brush and you can remove the salt with vinegar and water solution.

Last Words

Work boots are durable and designed for the safety of workers. If your feets hurting then you should look for the solid reason that causes foot pain. However, you can avoid overstressing your feet by investing in the most comfortable work boots or flexible cushioned insoles. And always buy the work boots that fit you perfectly and give your feet arch support.

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