Travel Restrictions for COVID-19 Vaccination

While the government has a long list of reasons for the re-opening of international travel to Sri Lanka, the country is cautious about its decision given that it wants to boost the local tourism industry. In the meantime, flights carrying tourists and repatriating Sri Lankan citizens are allowed to land in the country. All other flights are prohibited until 28 February 2021. All UK flights have been suspended because of a new variant of COVID-19, which can cause severe respiratory problems.

In the event of an outbreak, airlines must notify the Sri Lanka Epidemiology Unit of all crew members who intend to travel to the country. While crew members must complete a Health Declaration Form upon arrival, they must adhere to the Travel Restrictions, as detailed in Appendix 9. Additionally, airline crews must inform the Sri Lanka Epidemiology Unit of any changes in their health status. Even if a crew member has been fully vaccinated, they must take a PCR test on Day 01, and they must remain in Home Quarantine until a negative result is obtained.

Currently, there are no COVID-19 travel restrictions in Sri Lanka, though there are stricter regulations on entering the country. Most countries have implemented COVID-19 prevention measures, but foreigners may be asked to provide proof of the vaccination, and the government is notifying travelers about the details. While international passenger flights are still operating as normal, they are subject to increased scrutiny. Moreover, if a person has symptoms of the disease, they should consider delaying their travel.

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Vaccination is mandatory for international travellers. Visitors arriving in Sri Lanka with an infected person less than 14 days after their last dose are considered unvaccinated. It is also necessary to have a current copy of the vaccination certificate. This is important as many countries are reluctant to accept non-regular proof of immunization. For all other travellers, it is recommended to apply for a travel authorization (eTA) visa online. The eTA visa is linked to a passport and is valid for up to 30 days.

Despite the reopening of the borders, travelers from the UK and Canada should still be careful about their behaviour and clothing. Some countries have banned tattoos, while others have banned jewellery and other items associated with Buddhism. They should also adhere to the laws that govern the entry of dual nationals. If you’re gay or lesbian, it’s best to avoid travelling to Sri Lanka if you have any of the symptoms listed below.

Ending Line

Those with a history of COVID-19 must take a COVID-HIV-DNA test before leaving the country. During the peak of the disease, the virus is highly contagious and can cause severe symptoms. People who are affected with COVID should postpone their travel to the UK unless they are sure that they’re in danger. However, it is still possible to travel to the country even if you have these conditions.

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